Experiential Learning

The learning process at Alpha BUsiness School enables you to experience your application of skills and knowledge for real practical environment. We ensure you become career ready to face the challenges in Business. Experiential Learning includes exercises like OJTs (On job trainings), Business Simulations, Industry Mentoring and Case Study discussions which help open students mind to real world scenarios thereby transforming their perceptions and business executional skills.

Faculty from Industry

Alpha Business School strategizes its academic resources with employer trainings, industry conferences, and business Meet-up sessions to engage students with learning from the Industry leaders.

The faculties for various core subjects also include tutors who have hands-on experience working with the industry. This helps them to deliver the subject understanding connecting with industry experience thereby attracting high interest and engagement of the students in their learning process.

Truly GLobal

Alpha Business School Led programs have accreditation from various global academic bodies so that you can gain recognition locally and even globally with organization of your choice. The Global recognition aims at putting you as a preferred choice with businesses across the world along with ensuring you can take your career on international level with brands that look towards you to understand global markets and international work culture.

Connect With Yourself

At the core of each program learning lays the student Transformation in their thoughts and actions. Alpha  Business School is committed to teach students mindfulness to raise their consciousness so that they become Leaders to take actions which will benefit the society and its environment at large.
Ethical practices and doing the right thing comes from ones actions but only thoughts can ensure whether how they can shape the future of tomorrow.

Domain Specialized Programs

At Alpha Business School; you get to choose from a variety of programs to engage your learning and specialize in domain area of expertise.
For example; You can choose a program in Accounting and Finance and also specialize in Business Intelligence to help you connect your Accounting and Finance skills with the technology in Business or You can take up an Program in Entrepreneurship and further specialize your career in Risk Management by pursuing a risk management program alongside your Entrepreneurship studies.
Whatever program you choose, we will ensure your learning makes you ready for business Challenges.

Explore Career Opportunities

Every program at Alpha Business School is backed with assisting students to explore various Career opportunities in the market place. Students are free to choose various career profiles of companies on-boarding their vacancies with us.

To make this process more efficient; you may choose to take up Resume building exercises, mock Interview sessions, practice on Interview skills , presentation and business communication learning and image management sessions which help your success rates of selection to jump up with companies.

The placement cell at the Institution ensures you get the Right position for commencing the ‘Career of your Choice’ with companies.

State of Art Facilities

The Institution extends the state of Art Facility with technology enabled Learning Centres.

The campus enables a conducive environment to your learning at the institution and opens your creativity while pursuing your growth at the institution.

Flexible Program Structures

The programs at the Institution are structured to enable you don’t stop your learning process. Whether you are a student wanting to pursue a regular batch or you would like to pursue alongside your work priorities; we have the flexibility to offer you the learning structure that suits your requirement.